Creating Seraphinart

I am enrolled in the Color of Woman training, where I am learning how to facilitate the journey of Inviting your muse to play, with a focus on the Intentional Creativity method, as taught to me by Shiloh Sophia.

What does your muse have to say? I am discovering that folks find access to their deeper voice of guidance within, given a form of expression that has space for content, compassion and creativity.

I draw upon several modalities in my practice. Intentional Creativity is the newest turn for me, and I believe this method has a lot to offer in a holistic self-care plan. In my private sessions I provide bodywork, nutritional coaching, herbal healing methods based on folk medicine, and rehabilitative yoga. Now, I can add this piece of creative expression as a mindfulness practice. What a joy to discover a new tool for becoming more present, authentic and playful!



Consciousness + The MUSE = Global Livestream offering — Color of Woman School

How do we access those hidden parts of our Consciousness? The places we know are there, we can feel them, but how do we get there? Shiloh recently filmed a class called, you can receive instant access to the video here – Consciousness and The MUSE ~ Global Circle Presented by Shiloh Sophia, Founder : The […]

via Consciousness + The MUSE = Global Livestream offering — Color of Woman School

Divinatory Art

So, I love working with the Muse.  Shiloh Sophia is teaching me how to access the Muse in the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity training I’m currently undergoing. The reason I call it divinatory art is that I get to ask the painting, the muse, a question. I can give her the pen and ask what she wants me to know, or what am I not seeing.

What is a Muse?

Well, I am still learning this. As far as I can tell it is the part of ourselves that only wants the best for us, and loves everything about us, even as we present ourselves imperfectly. She is the opposite of the critic. The dialogue has to do with introducing them, and letting the Muse become heard more, to eventually speak as loudly as the critic has been speaking for all these years. The purpose of Conscious Healing Arts is to bring awareness to these voices, and to find out who is really in charge. Integration of these is the doorway to creative expression, from what I am discovering.

The Muse is Amused

I am learning to listen to my muse. I do this by letting a conversation develop between us. An imaginary friend? Yes, you could look at it that way at first. However, I find it to be a very real dialogue. You see, there are parts of ourselves we sequester away when we are young, or when we are traumatized. These important aspects of our psyche wait for us to return. Some folks never do. I am determined to be on a lifelong rescue mission for the wisdom of that little girl. Her spontaneity, her creativity, her unapologetic being of herself, dancing. I keep painting her, in her many forms. Because I also believe there is a divinity there. A guide. A guardian angel. The closer I get to the unfinished child heart, the closer I feel the wings of her angels. Yes, she always believed in angels. Yes I know I broke the grammar rules by changing tense. It’s just that so much of ‘her’ seems out of reach that I feel we are at the beginning of a long road of integration. I am now being called to put my process online and here I am beginning to show up as an artist and guide into the realm of divinatory art.